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Cancellation Policy

Policy’s DEPOSIT £10 Non refundable deposit is required to book and secure your appointment. This is to ensure you will make your scheduled appointment. Deposits are deducted from your total balance and are non refundable.

LATE? Please be respectful of my time and yours! If running late please don’t hesitate to reach out At least 10 mins prior to your appointment. I DO NOT charge late fees if more than 15 minutes late without prior communication will be considered a no show meaning you will need a new deposit in order to reschedule, no response to confirmation text = canceled appointment. FEELING SICK? Please reschedule if you are feeling sick in anyway! Keep in mind I work from home & me and my husband have got health conditions which make us more prone to catching illnesses. I wouldn’t want to risk any of our health! EXTRA GUEST? Extra guests are welcomed but please bear in mind I haven’t got the room to have lots of extra heads coming with you to your appointment so ONE person is more than enough, at the end of the day this is our home. 3RD PARTY? 3rd party bookings are NOT allowed unless they are getting serviced with you, meaning you’ll need to book a double appointment. This isn’t always available so make sure you check before booking your appointment. TIME 1-3 hour turn around time! Please book accordingly, I do not feel comfortable being rushed, as my work takes time and I would hate it if you’re not satisfied with the outcome of your set due to our time crunch, thank you.

SOAK OFF POLICY I will only soak off my own work. Soak offs must be booked as an ‘add on’. If you do not book a soak off and arrive with anything on your nails, your appointment will be rescheduled.

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